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Locksmith Tools Used For Locksmith Lock Picking Purpose

Have you ever wondered which locksmiths tools are used to lock pick your door lock? Here you will know more about the professional locksmith equipment’s used by the pros and how it works.

How exactly does a locksmith lock pick a door? Does it have anything to do with the tools of the locksmith uses? Can someone lock pick a door lock on their own? The answer is yes to all of the above. But one thing which you should keep in mind that lock picking must be only be done by the licensed and trained professional because reason first the law require it and the second reason is an amateur could cause irreversible damages to locks, keys and property.

So what edge did the locksmith tools gives to the locksmiths? Let’s just say that it’s all the matter of leverage. You see locks basically work on the notion that small pins or plugs hold a locking mechanism in place. Your key is your leverage you just need to push these pins accurately into the right place so that they unlock the locking machinery. A very good instance of such leverage is the cylinder lock pins and the acrobat design mechanism where lock pin serve as a movable damn letting unlocking movement only if you have the right key.

To manipulate such type of lock mechanisms locksmith fort lauderdale use different tools from plug spinners and shear line tension wrenches to electric pick guns (drill basically).

These plug spinners are used to flip plugs to the unlocked position by apply pressure to the lock.
Tension wrenches are used to allow pressure to be applied to the side of the cylinder lock key slot in order to allow pins to slide correctly into the shear line. Basically this tool allows the free use of both of your hands instead of just one while other applies the turning pressure.

Electric pick guns: electric pick guns are with the removable lock picks tips there are spring electric and electric pick guns. But both of these guns work on the same principal inserting the lock pick tip into the lock and making it hit the bottom pin stack. This makes the pins jump up in their slot and pass the shear line if all pins pass the sheer line at the same time the plug can be moved and the lock will open.

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